Terms and Regulations








as well as with the general criteria of the documents produced by Inail and the Higher Institute of Health



ART. 1 - At the entrance to the bathing establishment, under the beach umbrellas and near the cash desk, special information signs are displayed. The use of the beach, due to due to Covid-19, is subject to restrictions and will be different from previous years, so we ask for your cooperation.

ART. 2 - To avoid crowds, access to the establishment will be by reservation. The use of a mask when entering and leaving the beach is compulsory, especially in the narrow area before entering the beach, given the limited space available, and is always compulsory except when you are under a sun umbrella or under a sun umbrella. under a beach umbrella or in the sea. When waiting to go to the beach ticket office and leave the establishment, you must respect the spacing. It will always be possible to measured, and access is forbidden if the body temperature exceeds 37.5°. Mixed use of beach umbrellas is prohibited, except for members of the the same household, or for persons sharing the same housing unit, or with persons who, according to current regulations, are not subject to interpersonal distancing. When subscribers and/or day customers first enter the establishment, they will be accompanied to their assigned beach umbrella by an attendant who will explain the rules to be followed. For access to the public beach, which is accessed through the bathing establishment, beach-goers must wear a mask both at the beach and on the beach. must wear a mask both when entering and leaving.

ART. 3 - Parasols shall be arranged ensuring a minimum surface area of 10 sq. m. or more per station, with a minimum distance between the equipment of 1.5 metres in relation to the equipment of the adjacent parasol. Transit aisles are one-way, stations are numbered as indicated by signs, and reservations are compulsory for both seasonal and daily customers. When booking or entering the establishment, customers must communicate their data, which will be recorded and stored for 14 days, according to the privacy policy displayed at the management, in order to retrospectively trace any retrospectively any contacts following contagion. Parents, or those acting on their behalf, will supervise the social distancing of children in all circumstances.

ART. 4 - The allocation of the beach umbrella place can be done with an APP to be downloaded on mobile phones, tablets, Ipads, computers, etc. In case of rain or bad weather we In the event of rain or bad weather, guests are advised not to crowd towards the exit, but to wait under the umbrella for their turn to evacuate, which will be indicated by the staff of the establishment. establishment staff. Please note that only a number of people equal to the number of seats and wearing a mask are permitted in the restaurant/bar areas.

ART. 5 - It is forbidden to make mixed use of the changing rooms, which may only be used after disinfection by the previous customer. It is forbidden to gatherings are forbidden, and for this reason group games may not be played; all water sports must be practised with respect for interpersonal distancing.

ART. 6 - In the event that a guest, while staying inside the facility, experiences fever or respiratory symptoms (dry cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing) he must communicate it to the staff without coming into direct contact. The Company will promptly inform the ASL Prevention Department, done except in particularly critical situations in which the 118 intervention will be required. While waiting for the medical opinion, it is necessary to: equip the customer, if not already in possession, of surgical mask, avoid contact with other people, accompany him to an isolated environment or to the infirmary previously equipped with disinfectant / germicidal wipes for cleaning surfaces and fabrics, disposable bag for biohazardous waste. The door of the room must be closed; the local will have to be adequately ventilated. Any delivery of food and drinks or other will be carried out by leaving what is necessary outside the door. Any need urgent that involve the entry of a person in the same environment must be carried out by a doctor present or by a person in good health by using the appropriate personal protective equipment (FFP2 or FFP3 mask, face protection and gloves, protective apron, long-sleeved suit full length disposable). The customer must eliminate any material used in insulation (paper handkerchiefs, etc.), closing everything in a double bag, which it will be disinfected and disposed of together with any infected materials produced during the intervention of the health personnel. The latter will evaluate the case and will take action together with the Company's staff to identify all customer contacts.

ART. 7 - All company premises and showers have been sanitized (nebulization of technically certified active ingredients) upon opening and this operation will be repeated in based on the risk analysis, while cleaning (removal of visible dirt with water and detergents or enzymatic products) is carried out periodically during the day and when necessary, disinfection (a procedure capable of eliminating most of the pathogenic microorganisms with the use of specific products with certified germicidal action) will take place on a daily basis and for the equipment will be carried out at each change of patrons. At the cloakroom they are present disinfectant / disposable germicidal wipes for cleaning surfaces which, if used, will be disposed of in the appropriate waste bins. For access to toilets use the mask.

ART. 8 - Customers with feverish symptoms, those who have had contact with people with Covid - 19 in the previous 14 days and those placed in quarantine, it is forbidden to go to the premises of the Company;

ART. 9 - The behavioral precautions to be followed in order to reduce the infection are those dictated by the WHO on measures of social distancing, hand cleaning and respiratory hygiene summarized as follows:

- Ensure proper hand hygiene by washing them frequently with hot running water and disinfectant detergents for at least one minute, in alternatively, disinfectant gel dispensers are installed.

- Social distance of at least 1 m and mandatory use of masks. In the impossibility of respecting distances and when using common spaces; the masks should always be worn after disinfecting your hands and taking care not to compromise their effectiveness by inadvertently contaminating them.

- The masks must be disposed of in the appropriate containers indicated by signs.

ART. 10 - The operator responsible for the Covid 19 Anti-diffusion plan service for the bathhouse: is Mr. FRANCESCO FARINA.


Wash your hands often

Avoid contact with people suffering from respiratory infections

Avoid hugs and handshakes

Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter

Sneezing, coughing into a handkerchief or in the crook of the arm and avoiding contact with respiratory secretions

Avoid mixed use of bottles and glasses

Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands

Avoid gatherings

An extract from these regulations is placed under each parasol as a reminder of the guidelines.